Hi there! This is where we hide our instruction manuals –

If you’re looking for help building a Lasermad product, look no further.

Coppertop Clock

A clock with a copper lid. Assembly instructions can be found here, and operating instructions here.

Cylinder Clock

Our cylinder clock. Find the assembly instructions here. For operating instructions, look here.

Plasma Button / Desk Ornament

A single-nixie decoration that responds to your touch. Instructions here.

Nixie Clock

The original IN-14 5-digit nixie clock. The assembly instructions are here, operating instructions for the old IR version here and for the current touchswitch version here.

Nixie Thermometer

If you’ve bought one of our thermometers and are looking for the assembly instructions, then they’re right here.

Nixie Chessboard V1.6

Chessboard version 1.6. Sold out many years ago but there may be a couple left unbuilt somewhere. The instructions are here.

Nixie Chessboard V1.5

If you bought one of the V1.5 (still the current version) chessboards with printed coils then the instructions you’re looking for are here.

Nixie Chessboard V1

If you’re one of our dinosaur customers, who bought a chessboard back in The Land Before Time then you can find the old instructions here.

Nixie OXO game

Our tic-tac-toe nixie game. 9 out of 10 supercomputers that expressed a preference preferred it to a game of global thermonuclear war. Instructions here.