End of summer update

Hope you’ve all had a good summer, there wasn’t much in the way of warm weather here. I’ve been working on a few new ideas and kits which will be up for sale soon plus one larger project which will be launched as a Kickstarter within the next month, once I have a few protrotypes ready for photographs/videos.

The shop has been moved back here and the blog theme altered to give a more uniform appearance and hopefully make things easier to find. If you need to contact me we’ve added a web based contact form as some emails appeared to be disappearing in the spam filter.

Mini 4-digit VFD clock:

Based on our 5-digit nixie clock sodtware including GPS/IR syncing, IR control and battery backup with single alarm. 5V USB powered and drawing about 100mA, you could almost use it as a watch….


(That’s the prototype PCB)

IN12/15 cylinder clock:

Functionally identical to our IN14/19 clock sold by Thinkgeek but made much more affordable thanks to the lower cost nixies and featuring a Perspex cylindrical case with solid teak end caps.

in12-5-clk test1

More kits to come soon….

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  1. Bill

    I’m thrilled to see you are still creating these functional pieces of art!

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